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Europe for Mobius and others


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TGA only

Red is either land or water and needs to be left red (water) or changed to pure black (land at sea level)  - Look at the red in Holland and it is all land that is below sea level, so it is red, and should be changed to black. Look at the Caspian Sea and it is red because it is water.  Look for ANY red and determine what it is to be.

THEN the yellow can be changed to red and, along the coasts, individual yellow pixels changed to red or black depending on whether you want them to be water or land.

Then import into the RT3 map maker and away you go.  I recommend a first try using .2 1 and 1 for the three values the program asks for, as I generally find that 1 kilometer is 1 in the first value, while 2 is .5 and .5 is 2, and so on.  Look at the Alps and Balkans and then decide what value works best.

If there are any spikes right along the coast line, look at individual pixels and see if there are any with a HIGH green value. A green value of 0 applies to the first 255 meters above sea level. 1 covers the next 256 meters, 2 the next 256 and so on, so unless we are talking about a 1 mile high cliff you should NOT see a 3 or higher green value immediately adjacent to the ocean.  If you find such 'splikes' remove the green value to 0 - it is a result of the GIS program trying to find a value in between the NO value of the area that is now yellow or black, and the areas that had a value and are either red or looking blue with a touch of green.

Information on the map:

Equidistant Conic projection

Cones at 45 and 60 degrees

Central Longitude at 20 degrees east

Bondaries at 70N 35N 9.5W and 50E

Note that in real life the latitudes are curved but I allowed the GIS program to crop into a rectangular shape.

1024 in only one direction - East-West

Less in the North South direction.

You are asked to put the following labels in the map in the ocean area


© 2003

5220 meters per pixel

Enjoy... RSH

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