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Dune: An Ecologist's Fancy


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After just posting a blurb on culture in dune, I realized how cool it is that it really is all about ecology.

It is all about closed systems and their contents evolving or trying to evolve. Its about fears of stagnation or mutilation of the systems. It's about the eventual dispersion of man's seed through suffering and hope over thousands upon thousands of years in the continuance of mankind's evolution.

of course Dune is about all sorts of stuff... but man it just struck me what an ecologist's fancy it all is.

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Yeah, definitely I am also talking about the natural world he created as well. But what is neat is that we humans fill an ecological niche in the world as well. in many ways our thoughts and actions are byproducts of the interconnectedness of all that is in or on the earth. We are a part of the ecological chain of existance. In a way we are not THINGS that exist but EVENTS that take place within existance. We are dynamic forces just as much as a waterfall or a tree.

Dune is pretty awesome. Glad I picked it back up!

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That's a pretty interesting thought. Nature acctually designed humans to do what they are doing and are being a part of nature in doing this. How is this related to humans dominating nature? Instead of dominating they are a part of nature, no matter what they do? By cutting down forests and poluting they still play their ecological role in changing the world?

I know what you mean, I also just reread Dune and got into the whole universe again. Probably gonna read the rest of the books pretty soon :)

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