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House Harkonnen, Mission 6.

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Hello to all! :)

It's strange being Bulgarian girl and playing stategic games like "Dune 2000" but I definitely love this game. That was the first game I started to play, ever. I do have some questions about playing. First of all, I decided to start playing with House Atreides but I was stuck in Mission 5, where the object is to capture a building in about 5:00 min., if I remember well. The problem was, that I had only trikes and squads and was defeated every time I went to attack the Harkonnen base. I needed more time to get in the enemy base. So, I have two simple questions here:

1. Do you have any idea how could I finish that Mission and capture that building with an engineer, playing with House Atreides, Mission 5?

2. Now, I'm playing with House Harkonnen and got to Mission 6, where the object is to capture/destroy the enemy Starport. Is there a particular time needed to capture it? I mean, I receive a warning about new enemy Ixian technologies coming, so what would happen, if I didn't succeed in capturing/destroying that Starport before receiving the warning again?

Best regards! :)

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atreides mis 5: this time not for capture harkonnen barracks, its for smugglers reinforcments, to get this reinforcment you need to capture smuggler starport, which is on the right corner, then you get MCV for free and could build the baseĀ  ;) (sorry for my english)

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