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Choosing Internet -> gpChat is NULL. CoCreateInstance failed :(


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I have a problem.

When choosing internet play my game returns to windows and shows a message:

gpChat is NULL. CoCreateInstance failed

Unknown CoCreateInstance error code - - 2147024770 [ gGameTricks = 0 ]

i'm running windows vista 32, Dune2000 v1.06 (1.02 gives the same error)

also i ran the game 2 months ago to see if it works and it worked just fine.. now, when the holidays gives me and my friends some time to play the game gives errors  :'(

also about 2 months ago i configured tiberian sun (with the tutorial found on the c&c clasics page) and gave it a test internet play run with no problem, with dune working as well..

My windows autoupdated some time this week but i doubt this could be an issue..

i also disabled my firewall

any help?  ;)

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