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Really need help with trainer


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Well, i give up. I've been trying to do this for months now, NOTHING works...I have the old version of Dune 2000, i installed it on my Xp SP2 PC, i installed a 1.06 patch and than i downloaded Mike's Enhanced Dune 2000 Trainer for Xp, which is supposed to work...

Well, it works, but not entirely. As in, i can use the cheats, but when the mission finishes, i don't advance, i repeat the mission and repeat it and repeat it, etc...So basically i think i can only use the cheats in Multiplayer Practice...Anybody else managed to make a trainer work on Xp?

I also changed the compatibility, nothing changed :( I really want to try the game with the trainer, never managed to use one (since there aren't any cheat codes, except some Hex "hacking")...I would be most grateful if anybody could help :)

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