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Construction Yard Captured/Destroyed: Here's What to Do

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I've took a break from making my Arrakis Conquest mod, and had a few rounds of Dune 2000 hours ago.

One game, when I'm House Atreides, my Construction Yard was captured early (due to the fact that enemy infantry and Engineers constantly enter your base. I had 5 opponents that time.).

Well, what I did was keep gathering my forces, by building units in factories or Barracks that I had left and used the only harvesters and refineries I had left to gather spice. I guarded my base camp from enemy attackers at that time.

In the end created a massive army of Trikes, Troopers and Quads, and just 2 Engineers I trained. (My light factory was nearly captured during the process!! Keep your eyes open)

I then moved on against the enemy like a wave of water from the ocean. I first picked on the enemy Harvester to hinder their harvesting rates. Then I attacked the enemy without warning.

I then used my Engineer in-hiding towards the enemy Construction Yard. It worked (to me), and I started to build Windtraps and a few turrets just in case an attack will happen. It was cool!! ;)

Works for all houses including Ordos. I don't know if it works for missions because I tried this on a Practice game with 5 AI players, Crates On, Worms low, and I played it on the Habbanya Erg map. Just try out.


- This tactic is useless when you can build an MCV inside a Heavy Factory. Only useful in the early-game situation.

- When you do not have an Engineer yet, and you have NO Barracks, you're screwed.

- This tactic truly depends on how fortified the enemy base is. The more fortified is an enemy base, the MORE units you'll need, if you make it out safely.

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