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Terrain missing in EBFD


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Well, I decided I'm gonna play some EBFD a few days ago and got around to installing it, but it seems something is wrong and the terraing is kind'a screw'd up. The whole thing is I used to play the game with absolutely no probs a while ago on the same PC, running XP with SP1. I reinstalled recently and I don't update to SP2 'cause it kind'a sux.

I've looked around lots of topics in this forum, and tried for 2 days to get this fixed and still no progress, so I guess this is my last hope of playing Emperor normally ...

My PC specs are:

Athlon XP 2500+

Gigabyte GA-7N400E


GeForce FX 5200 - 128 MB

Windows XP Pro SP1

Here's a few things I've tried:

- altering settings to low/med/high etc.

- changing desktop resolutions/depth/refresh rate

- various video drivers: newest/old/beta/omega

- reinstalling at least a few times, tried the install fix even though I had no problem installing the game

- tried installing on a FAT32 driver(first install was on a NTFS)

- reinstalling direct x

- all compatibility options

- not having NAV

and probably a few more I forgot atm.

I'm attaching a screen of the game & the dxdiag info.



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