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Im sure you all know that emperor is primarily a game of macro. You look at the big picture for fighting, much like starcraft, with occasional micro skills. I was thinking of scaling the game down to a more micro based game? With more emphasise on how well you control your units over how many times you can click a build button :). For an idea, compare warcraft 3 to starcraft. Starcraft would be more macro orientated, whereas warcraft 3 is more micro (one unit can make all the difference). Development on this would take quite a while (balance,etc.) plus im hardly ever around (surprised that my account is still alive really) and emperor is currently unistalled :O.

If there is any interest in me making such a mod id like to know. I dont think it'll be making new units, more changing how the game plays, putting in counters for everything, emphasising advantages and disadvantages, etc. Come to think of it, it'll take lots of PLANNING and then one heck of a lot of text editing. I'll try and add some new ideas and consider a manual upon completion so ppl have an idea of how fighting goes. It'll still be based on Emperor of course, but well, hopefully it'll be also somewhat different.

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This would be a good idea, though I think the players who currently play emperor online believe there is already a lot of micromanagement for the player  :-.

Something you might interested in is unit experience. If I remember well from a test I did long time ago it is possible for units to go beyond level 3, although for the extra chevron(s) to appear - if possible - it will take more than editing the rules.txt

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I was actually thinking about beyond the third chivron thing. I dont remember, but a long time ago, someone made a mod involving more i think. I was counting on this to make keeping units even more valuable the longer they survive. A possible weakness would be the Atreides vets infantry training specialty. I'm going to do a bit of testing involving that, but for a start at the 4th chevron infantry=FALSE mite do the trick. As for makign an extra chevron appear, that could be a problem i will consider it. As for micromanagement, im sure most players do agree that superior armys can still win the day.

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