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Shadowsong Lullaby


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"What have they done to me...those men of Earth. They have exiled me to the pitiless swines of existence...the very earth by which I was sent to redeem! Do they not see? I am the MESSIAH! When the time is right, I will prove my worth to the pitiful race of humanity!"

"The cold floor echoes the blood by which you spilled the other day, master."

"Who are you to ridicule my deeds? If it was not for ME, you and the entire race of mankind would be subject to eternal damnation! Feel FREE to show your gratitude!"

"And what about...him...Illidan...the second child? Will you not kill him?"

"He is a relentless prophet, rambling instances of blasphemous slander anywhere he can. He scares not me!"

"Then...why is it you had him exiled?"

"Fool, he was never exiled, for he is...HERE!"

::trickles of blood flow down the scarlet neck of the poor man, and for each droplet, there is one child that will have to die...this night::

...Silent Night

...Holy Night

...All is calm

...All is blight

...Come, oh savior

...Sing us a song

...Come, and play for us

...All night long!

...Sing us a song

...Of your glory!

...Sing us


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