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  1. I finished getting it. I tried installing 4 times. first 3 it said Disk was full, though it was not. i deleted junk. It finially installed. I expecter it to take up to 5 mb, as the installer was 4.4 it took several GB. and whaen I try a practice game, it crashes. im reinstalling now, but WTF is goin on? its a HUGE Friggin patch!
  2. the movie i saw was made in 2000.
  3. I want to know why in Dune 2000 they didnt keep the Infantry types. I mean, in dune 2, you got a group of 1 or 3 infantry. That would be useful in D2k, as infantry(which I love) would live longer. They get crushed easy, and are difficult to kill with.
  4. Where I stand In Dune: A hile back, 3 years ago I downloaded Dune 1 for PC. It as ok. Then I downloaded Dune 2, it was pretty good. I then bought an EA classics box. One of the things was Dune 2000. I accidently misplaced it. After beating RA2 (not YR et) I played Dune2K. Its pretty good. Im just getting patch. Not too long ago I learned that Dune started as a book. Im eading it. I also just saw the dune movie, the one made in 2000. Its good. so all in all, Hi!
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