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  1. Of course, here you go. :)
  2. I've noticed there's been a bit of interest on these forums and elsewhere in a Dune-themed Minecraft server, so I wanted to spread the word that there's actually one up and running! Specifically, it's "Dune 2"-themed. People in the server are currently working on faithful adaptations of Dune 2 structures in the Minecraft world with a custom Dune-themed tileset. The tileset is ripped from Dune 2, and the overall aesthetic and whatnot are a work in progress (i.e. water is currently quicksand). You'll need the custom texture pack, as well as MCPatcher, and both are available in links on the following page: http://dune2.krizik.com/index.php?topic=493.0 Last but not least -- it's whitelisted, so you'll have to register and post here to gain access: http://dune2.krizik.com/index.php?topic=511.0 If anyone has any Minecraft-modding know-how or ideas for the server, be sure to talk with the server admin, Drackbolt. He's online frequently. Hope to see you guys there!
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