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  1. A new and very big map (1024x1024), including 12 cities, beautiful rivers and small lakes, and many trees. The map is based on Iceland and Greenland, but my map is not as cold as the real climate there! I didn't add any goals, I made it for fun, I hope you'll enjoy this map! Greetings, David ;D paradise.zip
  2. I made a bigger island with 4 big cities! It's a very relaxing scenario after work! ;D Here's a screen: http://onlinestuffs.com/show.php?file=gx1ok9x7.jpeg I attached the file! Please give me a comment on my new map! Thank you, David ;D _____________________________ Informations: French Polynesia 4 cities 1 bigger island Patches needed Relaxing tropico.zip
  3. Thank You very much! ;D I'll upload the map there! But I still don't know how to make people want to ride my trains... ??? Good Evening, David 8)
  4. Hi, my name's David, I'm from Luxembourg and I just love doing maps for Railroad Tycoon 3, and I love connecting the small villages/big cities... I make tropical maps sometimes, which I use as wallpapers, I made one for you, the map shows the beauty of the game, here's the link: http://onlinestuffs.com/show.php?file=xu0qjkfk.jpeg When someone wants this map for download or edit, please just contact me! I hope I'll have a good time in this forum, but unfortunately, many RT3 sites got closed this year... :-\ I think it's the best and relaxing game ever! I have a little problem too: My hotels which I build dont work, they never have guests, it doesnt make a difference if I place them in new york city or on a small atoll, I place them near a station, but nothing happens, and it seems no passengers use my passenger trains!!! :'( When someone can explain me what I'm doing wrong, please tell me! ;D And please comment my wallpaper! :) Greetings from Luxembourg, David :P
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