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  1. Thanks to all -- it worked (well, nearly, I had a couple of breakdowns in the last year and I was a couple of loads under the goal, but anyway, I got the idea). I built the Qu
  2. Hmm, good idea, I did not imagined doing this... but... 1) Competition is not going to let me do that (there are three starting slots, Toronto, Qu
  3. Hi, I'm back into RRT2 after, hmm, a while... I've been trying the Wooden limbs (..) scenario a few times lately; I do not manage to get above bronze. Hauling lots of timber is reasonnably feasible, but rising my company value is the problem here. (if you do not remember : bronze requires to haul a lot of timber, silver and gold require even more timber -- that's the easy part-- and a high book value). What happens to me is that, after building a very profitable network (typically, a main line to the sawmill around Mattawa, and some branch lines to load wood into Mattawa), my company starts carrying lots and lots of timber and gushing cash... but I do not find good investments to do from there, so I end up not doing much with my cash (expanding to North Bay & Sudbury is an option, but it's hardly worth the trouble). Of course, my expansion rates slows down, and I do not meet the requirements for the silver or the gold ! I tried starting either from Toronto (offers a good, flat, straight line to Mattawa), or from Ottawa/Montr
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