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  1. Version 2 of my Building to Buffalo game is attached. The Read Me file that comes with it itemizes the significant changes. I believe I have fixed every problem of which I was aware. If you think something is a problem, or not working correctly, please post it here or on Hawk's website so I can check into the problem. May you have a happy and thankful Canadian Thanksgiving Day, and have fun Building to Buffalo! B2B_Version_2.zip
  2. Attached is a condensed file of my new RRT3 game Building to Buffalo. Can you build an empire of iron rails by being the first to connect the ocean to the lakes by building from an Atlantic port to to Buffalo on Lake Erie? Can you succeed in the pioneer days of railroading? I've tried to construct a game that can be played many times without exhausting the play possibilites. Your feedback is welcome. CV Building_to_Buffalo.zip
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