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  1. Thanks Gobalopper. I made it to the links you gave and found another Australia Map as well and now I have many. I love "options" and the wide open spaces that Australia possesses. Would there be a chance that some of the maps that were made for the RRT2 tycoon version could be available for RRT3 ? I love a ton of maps on my menu and the more I have, the longer I play the game. When I get tired of some of the maps I've saved and want something different, I'll go to the hard-drive and cancel some of them and start completely over. Thanks again for the help. Col Klink "Don't you wish you were as smart as your dog thinks you are ?"
  2. Hi Guys I know this is probably gonna sound pretty squirrley but, where is the D/L icon for the map ? I've clicked on all I could see and didn't find the D/L button. What should I do ?? Col Klink
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