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  1. Hey guys, i try to get this running on my windows 10, 64bit system i got a nvidia geforce 2080 rtx, 1st monitor 240hz 1920:1080p res, 2nd Monitor 144hz but set to 60hz 1920:1080p res both monitors max res is full hd and are set so. i installed gruntmode + windows 10 hotfix. i tried different settings and compabilities, but not every possible combination. depending on what i changed, while clicking "launch campaign", i either get the error:"This video card does not support the required modes...." or the application, before crashing, tries to start while changing resolution and showing black scrrens on my 1st monitor. I have no clue what steps i have to do or what is the right path do get it going. is there any step by step guide or manual what things i have to change or check?!?! Thanks in advance guys
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