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  1. Thanks, but I am not interested in pixel art, because its not a improving / moving the art forward to make it look better. So, till somebody make a new engine and make a copy of Dune 2000, or create a supported mod / exe to get HD mod... I wont do anything. I know its very complicated to do so, so I understand the struggle that could come. I was just trying to make something new with this game. Thanks
  2. As I can see, based on none responses, hires is too much for this game to handle, ...then I am giving up.
  3. I already looked at some structures, i.e. Wind Trap is 64x96 pixels and I would like to make them at least a double / triple of that size. I always prefer 512 pixels per sprite if possible. It means 1024x spritesheet with 4 frames animation OR 2048x spritesheet with 16 frames animation per structure. I believe, to make it work somebody have to update the code saying, that the new structure is taken more space on the field etc. My point is, I dont want to have zoom out resolution and make everything tiny, I want to keep same close up camera as the original and add hires images of new version. Something like a remake of Starcraft. Back to your question, yes! I would re-render / re-paint all units, also work on new animations per unit / structure etc. Lots of work, and I would be willing to do that, if it would be supported.
  4. Hi, what did you use for translations? is there any tool that works in and out? for Gruntmods Edition? Can you provide step by step? I believe its the String Editor.
  5. I am preparing ambitious project, if the tool exist. It would be great, if somebody could help me out. There are lots of mods, but none of them has any hires tile set option like 2048x pixels or higher to be able to re-create all art and follow the original design. My question is, is it the game code issue that cannot draw super hires textures / sprites? if does, can somebody mod it to read and show hires tile sets? What I see now, its just a bigger screen resolution that makes it tiny. I have 4k monitor and everything is so small. So, my plan is to re-create the art to make it as it was on screen back in 2000, instead of having zoom out results. If somebody wants to cooperate on this, you are more than welcome.
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