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  1. Dune 2000 High Resolution Patch v1.4.1 Supported resolutions: 0. Undo Patch 1. 800x600 2. 1024x768 3. 1152x864 4. 1280x600 5. 1280x720 6. 1280x768 7. 1280x800 8. 1280x960 9. 1280x1024 10. 1360x768* 11. 1366x768* 12. 1400x1050* 13. 1440x900 14. 1600x900 15. 1680x1050* 16. 1920x1080 Enter resolution number (* experimental): 16 1920x1080 Working on AACCT.TGA Working on CREDITS.TGA Working on DUNEMAP.TGA Working on DUNEMAP2.TGA Working on HACCT.TGA Working on HOUSE_SE.TGA Working on MULTIUI.TGA Working on OACCT.TGA Working on PICTBOOK.TGA Working on SCOREMP.TGA Working on SCOREUI.TGA Working on WOLLOBY.TGA Working on WOLLOB.TGA Working on Title.TGA Working on AntiFremen 01.MAP Working on AntiFremen 02.MAP Working on AntiFremen 03.MAP Working on Butlerian Jihad 1.MAP Working on Butlerian Jihad 2.MAP Working on Butlerian Jihad 5.MAP Working on FedaIxian7V1.MAP Working on Fremen Warriors 1.MAP Working on Fremen Warriors 2.MAP Working on Fremen Warriors 3.MAP Working on New House 2.MAP Working on .uil files Working on UIBB.R16 Working on UIBB.R8 Working on UI_ENG.R16 Working on UI_ENG.R8 Working on UI_RUS.R16 Working on UI_RUS.R8 Working on DUNE2000.DAT Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 92, in <module> File "F:\Dune\High Resolution Patch\Versions\Version 1.4.1\High_Resolution_Patch\build\pyi.win32\d2k_patch\out00-PYZ.pyz\shutil", line 130, in copy2 File "F:\Dune\High Resolution Patch\Versions\Version 1.4.1\High_Resolution_Patch\build\pyi.win32\d2k_patch\out00-PYZ.pyz\shutil", line 82, in copyfile IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../DUNE2000.DAT' Oh no, an error. Please make a printscreen and post it on the forums at forum.dune2k.com Press enter to exit... Now my game doesn't work anymore. What should I do? I can install the game again thats not a problem but what should I do to get the high resoulution pack working?
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