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  1. Anyway guys, after searching online I found this article that suggests some methods like updating the driver, check the software whether it is properly installed or not. And the issue was happening for the driver was not updating. It was not up to date. After updating the driver the problem got solved. Now my computer is not crashing at all. I just enjoy playing all games.
  2. I am not using DOS Box. I found an executable file from softonic, which I am using now.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently had a serious problem with PC games crashing frequently. The problem is when I start playing the old "Dune II", it seems to work fine. But after 15-20 minutes of playing the game, my computer crashes. My PC Configuration - RAM - 6 GB Processor - Intel i3 - 9th Gen SSD - 240 GB Graphics Card - GTX 1050 TI I am very disappointed with this problem. Please help me find a solution.
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