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  1. First, a bit of me. I've been reading the books from the original Dune series at least a couple of times, but never got warm with the BH/KJA books. Besides the original books by FH, I'm a big fan of Willis McNelly's Dune Encyclopedia, even it's not considered canon by Herbert Properties. I've been playing various Dune games, especially Cryo's Dune and Dune II (of wich latter is my absolute all-time favorite game, I've played it hundreds of times). Dreaming of creating my own Dune game for nearly two decades, I finally started building a browser-based game. Currently, it's a mix of RPG and MMO. Players would be able to register to the site, using some handle/password, select a simple avatar, and travel to cities in the Dune (expanded) universe - because I included some lore from the Dune Encyclopedia as well. The game has an improvised star map, including some well-known stars, planets and moons, taken from the books. A planetary game map would allow the player to travel between cities on the planet. The game even has some encyclopedic function, like listing planets, stars and moons, with some descriptive texts and properties taken from various sources, like the DE and Dune Wiki (which has contents listed as Creative Commons). I'm also planning on implementing some highscore-like functionality, encounters with other characters from the Dune universe, but basically I'm stuck on how to create an overall game scenario - make money a.k.a. solaris? mine spice? That's about it. It took me some month now to set up everything, and it's still heavy work in progress. Would anyone be willing to give me some feedback or ideas? I would also share some screenshots if anyone is interested. Thanks Hadi Benotto
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