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  1. Dune: Sands of Time is a text-based role-playing site with an emphasis on community-based cooperative writing. If you love to write and tell stories in an encouraging and cooperative atmosphere, this is the place to do it. We want to give players an opportunity to create their own adventures while immersed in the world of cooperative writing in which players write a never-ending story. Roleplaying is writing together, interactively, a story from the point of view of various characters. Of course, being different people who write from the point of view of various characters Dune: Sands of Time is a cooperative writing group based on Frank Herbert's Dune. We are set in an alternative universe, this means characters from the books are not present and events from the book also have not happened. The advantage of this being set in an alternative universe is that we have much more freedom, we are not limited by the events in the books, we do not have to worry about keeping the continuity with the books. Although canon characters are not present all houses like House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Corrino and also factions like Bene Gesserit, Fremen, Spacing Guild, Bene Tleilax and Ixians are all present. There are a few differences between us and other roleplay and cooperative writing, the first is for the sake of continuity all characters are premade meaning that when you join you do not create a character that you play. All characters are already there so that when a player leaves their character does not have to be written out and we do not have to bend over backward to make it fit in the story and having to make a replacement character. The second difference is that Instead of playing a character you get to chose one of the houses or other groups you play and you have access to all characters of the faction you have chosen, this gives you more freedom to write the stories you want and does not limit you when you can only write with or for one character. Please come and join us! https://dune-roleplay.org/
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