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    For those who wonder what i'm up to with the MIDI files: click to play yt clip --- You find the "PX" player (using the miles sound drivers "AIL2") on VOGONS: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=37630&start=60 --- I made a mistake in the previous set of midi files one track had still the loop event in it, this won't be a problem for the standalone MID files since they disrespect the AIL specific loop event but it will loop the track "forever" if it's played back as XMI using "PX". DUNE2 MIDI 20190626
  2. As long as the post isn't from 1998 There seems to be help https://sites.google.com/site/duneeditor/bigs_fr-mirror It should allow me to extract the pictures from the game (as well as the MIDI music or anything else).
  3. Gernot66


    To the missing tracks, it would be possible for me to extract them it's a puzzle but possible. There is an amount of very short tracks which i even left out (some fanfare like stuff). It really isn't easy to extract them from the .XMI files since each consists of (like i said) >60 tracks including repetive gunshots, shore noises and phone rings even in between the tracks which stand sometimes single in a XMI sometimes together with 1 up to 4 standalone tracks of music. The linked mp3's will help me but i won't do that so soon, recently i'm satisfied i just liked to extract them to play the MIDI in DOSBox with a (various) DOS MIDI player (various: MegaMID, Ultrasound Playmidi, PX player which is a fine DOS player using the Miles Sound drivers). Suggestions are welcome so please take a look in the linked zip and tell me if i picked the right tracks i'm not a dedicated DUNE player and can't tell which tune is played when, probably some are build of various tunes? it would be possible and smells like this by looking at the files. (besides, thanks i found the DUNE1 midi's here - nonetheless would i like to know how to extract them, dunno if track 2 sounds proper with the gunshots at start (?) it reminds of what happens with the tracks of DUNE2 if you don't carefully split them you receive a mix of music and soundeffects)
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    Hi Folks Just a short notice, i extracted the MIDI (XMI) from DUNE2 and received 27 files (do i missed one?) - it's horrible to extract them because each .XMI contains all the SFX like "helicopter" or "gunshot" each .XMI consists of about 69 tracks (!) most of them are waste. 18 .XMI files contain the MT32 midi files (the rest is adlib or rol) after editing i received 27 seperate files. It might be it isn't equal to what is posted above (sounds somewhat different i feel, neither i have an idea about the titles for the tracks) but i stumbled over this thread while i was looking for a way to extract the music from DUNE1. Dune2 MIDI The file contains also the extracted .XMI files Gernot66
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