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  1. Was unaware I was supposed to do that and I have no idea where to find that specific .exe file you are referring to, it is not in the dune 2000 folder that the game and everything that came with it is in. I tried searching for it specifically but all I got was the files that I downloaded and couldn't open. I don't know if it is a coincidence or not but the last few times that the game has froze I noticed that specific actions were being performed(ei something finished building or most recent me trying to open the pause menu). Idk what is causing it but I am nearly done with the last campaign and if a fix can't be found by then I'm just gonna say my computer doesn't like old games with no disc and leave it at that.
  2. The computer temp is fine. Yes I play other games on here and they never freeze but they are all up-to-date games(or i have the CD for them) no abandon-ware. My HDD is under 1 year old, and I clicked the link and downloaded the dune2000.exe and the config one but they won't open.
  3. I downloaded the game a few days ago and it was completely fine then I alt tabbed yesterday and after that it has been freezing up randomly and is starting to happen more often the longer I play the game. I have to sign out and back in every time it happens using ctrl alt del, I am on win 8. Any suggestions on a fix would be appreciated cause the game is slowly becoming unplayable for me.
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