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    Hello, I hope this thread is still alive, I had a great time digging into this forum with lots of valuable information, so thanks to all contributors. I think I have found an issue with the current version of Dune Dynasty, I play the German version (incl. the v1.07 fix), and what's odd is that the unit voice speech volume (the short voice when a unit is either selected or commanded) is significantly lower in volume than the regular ingame voices (like "Unsere Basis wird angegriffen" etc.) If I use the same data files in OpenDune or in DuneLegacy then all voices are correct, meaning the volumes of the voices do practically not differ, just as they're supposed to. Am I the only one who has got that issue? It's true on Win XP SP3 aswell as Win7 Pro, both 32bit. Secondly as something more nimble, the regular adlib music in Dune Legacy sounds a little bit better to my ears in terms of sound quality, I mean softer voices in the music are better distinguishable, kind of clearer or better placed. Might be related to the used audio driver? The volume issue should be clearly audible, even for non-audiophiles. :)
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