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  1. I don't see them disabled in any of my regional or city settings, and they're not disabled in the "INDUSTRY WEIGHTINGS" under the MAP OPTIONS either. Is there another place to look? Also, where would I look to see why the GeoCore is showing up immediately in 1830 instead of later in the life of the map?
  2. Ok, same map - now that I've started playing it...I have the map start in 1830. Yet immediately, the map has GeoCore map items on it, and they're as common as anything else is. But shouldn't there be some sort of a "start using this item" date associated with it, since it seems like it would be a pretty late-stage item in the game. By the same token, I have been playing for a while on this map, and ZERO steel mills, dairy production (I have milk production), or canneries have appeared. Meanwhile, my factories are no longer accepting iron (presumably because it would be going to the steel mills), so I have nothing at all to do with my iron sites. I'm confused as to why this has happened, because they're not disabled anywhere in any of my settings (regional or city).
  3. Ok, so I'm working on creating my first map. I'd like to set up regional industry weightings for some things (logging mills, for example, being in tree-covered areas). But my problem is I don't know how big a "region" is in the context of setting this up. The map editor doesn't really give me an indication (that I can find anyway) of how much or what land it covers. Can anyone give me an idea of how big a region is in this context, or direct me to where I can see that in the map editor? Thanks!
  4. I finally figured it out - I'm going to post it here in case someone else comes up with the same problem. In the options area, you have to have "Menta" or "Mesta" or whatever unchecked.
  5. Hi! I've just started playing Railroad Tycoon II a lot, and I've gone in and created my own map in the editor set to start in 1830. However, when I try to play this map, the only "cars" that the industries show as transporting their goods are "Industrial", "Commercial", and "Residential" and within the engine-path screen, there are no cars for me to use. For example, if I want to transport cattle, there is no cattle car, and no passenger or mail cars, even. No cars at all. What have I screwed up?
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