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  1. Join us for Turn 3 and the award of Arrakis to the new Siridar after nearly a full Imperial Year of turmoil.
  2. I begin with if I am posting this in the wrong place I apologize. That aside... Sand, Spice, and Solari is a collaborative writing game I run based in the universe of Dune and leaning on the Dune Encyclopedia as well. It has resources, personnel, and rules that should be relatively to familiar to anyone who has done table top games before. For those who know nothing of that we offer a tutorial level of entity within the game which will allow a more experienced player to mentor someone with enthusiasm but little knowledge. The year is 5013 AG. Corrin XIII is Emperor of the Known Universe and after re-establishing order and ending the disastrous Age of Pretenders his reign has been characterized by peace and more importantly stability. In spite of regular use of melange Corrin is over 100 years old and his health is beginning to fail. The Emperor's frailty is further brought into question when a mysterious explosion leads to the murder of the Siridar of Arrakis. The Houses of the Landsraad, Great Schools of Thought, Businesses of the Empire, and even members of House Corrino seek to supplant the old order with their own vision. As uncertainty grows the only certainty is that the future of the Empire rests on Sand, Spice, and Solari. http://sandspiceandsolari.proboards.com/
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