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  1. all i can say is ... holy shit some missions took me time to actually beat them ;D very nice campain one of the best ive played so far
  2. well everything past mision 9 are not beatable on hard... basicly i just start and they send like 10 tanks 5 quads 5 missiles and im like dafuck i can do here when i only had time to build rafinery ;DD they strike to fast and with way way to much units no window for anything
  3. no sir !!! ive just download it now, first ive check the list with all the mercenery campains and harkonen :DD, looks like all merc are beaten last time i been here hmmm, now im going to start with yours :))) see you tonight hehe im not sure which part ive played... it was already in gruntmode, i was cursing at this campain... was like da fuck is this i barelly started and ai already sending 50 vechicles on me lol.... i was gonna save this as a challange to beat later ;D.... and i play instantly everything on hard mode. i think i got stuck on mission 6 or 7
  4. ohhhhh like half of the list if not more im sure i beat... but ill definetly run few harder ones you gave me... really nice that people are still making these lol since original are easy on hard mode as it is ;// ill give it a shot tonight and give heads up if you can drop me something harder then that
  5. yhhh i remember dato was terrible at online... not even a competition ill rather pass with online community and stick to whats fun any specific campains that are challanging ? past few days ive played a bounch but then remember i already played them hehe
  6. gimme best challanges you have brother i do prefer missions then online way more fun recently ive played ordos campain200 from last year i suppose made ? was quite nice to feel the nostalgia again olso played all sandstorm parts compleatly and jihad but with his campain i struggled alot to many units came to gank me up to fast on hard figured ill leave this once im more in shape
  7. sooooooooooo whats cooking ? ive lost my old forum account cant remember email to recover how everyone been or the forums compleatly dead these days ? cinn shao tano galaxy feda storm anyone still up these days ? :))))) ive ran few times this cnc5 program for dune to play online but majority of the time russians are there only ;/ was fun back in the hamachi days to play arround missed this though ill stop by.
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