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  1. Thank you! Found out I was connected to all cities required (in 1986). But I had to run the game on speed 10 to the year 2000 to get the gold. Waste of time, but some small satisfaction.
  2. Playing Tanagore Island. When looking under the status page, I only get a portion of "required connections completed". Which cities must I connect too, to get the gold? TIA
  3. I must be missing something in the requirements, though I don't see how. Requirement - current (1969) Connect Johannasburg to Cape Town and Salisbury - Both connected per newspaper popup and on map 20 m Book Value - over 30 m book value 12 loads of steel to Salisbury - 12 steel loads delivered 12 loads of steel to Dursban - over 20 loads of steel delivered 1 m in personal wealth - have over 2 m in personal wealth 4 m in industry profits - have over 8 m in industry profit No other requirements I can see. Is this just a bad scenario, or what am I missing?
  4. Looking how to end this scenario, Slow and Steady. I have met all requirements by 1940. EXCEPT, eliminating all opponent companies. I merged with them all. None on the board. Game does not end. Then with the money they have, they just start new companies. And start the process all over again. Is it too late? Did I have to do some financial playing around at the beginning of the game, to ensure the opponents never got enough money to start additional companies? Is that even possible? Any way to win now?
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