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  1. Something's changed... it still freezes from time to time, but Alt-Tab still works correctly when it does. Until recently, I was not able to bring any other windows into the foreground in case of the game freezing, so I had to log off completely to close it, until someone in this forum told me to use a second desktop. Now it seems this is no longer necessary.
  2. Very good post, it describes my own experience with it very well. As I wrote in another thread, starting it in Windows 8 compatibility mode (of all things) makes it freeze less often for me, and I also read that from someone else somewhere. If I run the compatibility assistant on it Windows even suggests this setting by itself, although it may just be guessing.
  3. This game doesn't like Windows 10 very much it seems. It freezes for many people. As for the Alt-Tab problem, try playing it in borderless window mode with DxWnd active and GDI mode enabled.
  4. I can't help you with the cutscenes, but you are not the only one with the freezing issue... for some reason setting compatibility mode to Windows 8 improved it for me, but sometimes it still happens. The task manager issue is annoying, but this suggestion works for me: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27308-game-freezes-and-have-to-restart-computer-again/?do=findComment&comment=393897
  5. Great idea, I will try this next time it happens!
  6. Setting Windows 8 compatibility mode also seems to significantly reduce freezing for me, and it is also set by the compatibility assistant if you run it on the .exe.
  7. I have the same problem with the game freezing on Windows 10 64bit no matter which settings I use, and also I can't close the game when this happens, even when I'm in windowed mode because I cannot bring other windows up in front of the game any more when this happens. I can press CTRL+ALT+DEL and get the screen where I can lock the account, open the task manager or log out/restart and the only thing that works is to log out and log on to my account again. I can also press ALT+TAB to bring up an overview of all open windows with the possibility to close them from there, but that also does not work on the game. I could live with the game freezing from time to time, but not being able to just close it and restart again without having to log out of my windows account really makes it hard to enjoy it.
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