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  1. Hello, I was build up a game with 7 opponents in single player mode (single skirmish battle) on map "Broken Plain" (8 players). So far I have 5 opponents left, all surrounded by my units to prevent them attacking each other, and I wanted to install something like "training camps" where my units can easily increase their veteran levels. However, it appears that the units on this map have reached the limit. But not only the units, but also the buildings, or generally, the game assets: - If a unit is ready, it will only show "Ready" on the screen of the barracks/factory etc., but the unit is not being produced, unless I kill others - A new building will simply not build when placed - When I launch a rocket for example, it will not work, but if it does, it may happen that the region will not get this contaminated green ground effect at the attacked area Is there a way to increase this asset limit? Maybe there are some game files where memory settings are specified? Kind regards, Xamid
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