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  1. Nuclear_harvester, thanks for your reply ! The fact is in my case, I modified some .ini files to increase the max amount of spice the harvesters can get in one go. I did it to make the game more difficult, as I noticed it made the enemy AI produce much more units (so much that their are quickly overloaded !). Apart from the survival mod, I encountered this problem in an map where I played as the Emperor. And as far as I remember, there were no aerial reinforcements in this map. So I wondered if the delivery crash was caused by the spaceport, or by any new united produced ? Sorry if I tend to repeat myself...
  2. I started after, I would say a dozen of enemy waves after the game started. Like Fedaykin said, the multiple accumulative triggers thing must be responsable for the crash issues. One question about that : is it because there are too many reinforcements all at the same time, that the game crashes ? Or is it because there are just too many units on the map ?
  3. Hi everyone ! I don't know if there were previous discussions about this topic on the forum, forgive me if it's the case. I was playing a map on dune 2000 (as the Emperor), when the game crashed. It showed me this error : "Too much deliveries : pGameTicks=208000" I came accross the same issue while playing the Survival Mod, and I must say it's quite boring. I've roamed through my .ini files, looking for a number to change, but didn't find anything. Can anybody help me ? Best, Melchior.
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