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  1. Really cool news for all Dune fans. Found this site where they are auctioning off a collection of rare work by John Schoenherr for OMNI Magazine's original artwork. If you are a fan you should definitely check this out!!https://www.ebth.com/search?q=omni&sort=best_match&state=active
  2. I've been a big fan of OMNI magazine since the 80s. They've been rebooted and have written a few pieces on the Dune series. I can't say if I only enjoy reading the content for the feeling of nostalgia it's giving me, or the content is rather good. If anyone's interest, here's a link to the Dune search on their site https://omni.media/search/dune - Hope you all enjoy!
  3. Interesting read on John Schoenherr, Frank Herbert, and Giger's creation - https://omnireboot.com/2013/dune/
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