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  1. Hi I've installed Battle for Dune on my laptop along with its 1.09 patch and i runs, but the game lags/has low fps. Lowering the graphics settings doesn't improve it significantly. I forced it to run in wondowed mode (do this by adding "-window" at the end of the target eg. "c:\emporer\game.exe" -window), but it didn't improve. Why would it do that? Any ideas? Specs: Windows 8.1 Intel i5 2320m 2.6 Ghz (3.2ghz) dual core AMD Radeon HD 7670m Intel Integrated HD 4000 6gb ram I have tried running it on both my AMD and my Integrated graphics, but no real difference.
  2. Hi I installed Battle for dune and patch 1.09. It runs, but there is a lot of lag/it has low fps. I ran it in borderless windowed which helped tons, but I can't crank up the graphics quality. On low gfx setting fps is fine and game very playable, but it lags when I push it up. Low graphics in fullscreen also lags, so windowed definitely helps, but only at low gfx. Any ideas why or how to fix it? Windows 8.1 with latest updates i5 2520m 2.6 ghz (3.2 ghz) dual core AMD Radeon HD 7670m/Intel HD 4000 6gb ram The game runs on my amd,. I haven't tried it on the Intel yet. Will update once I've tried but I'm not hopeful.
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