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  1. Greetings So I was playing Germany ("As the new millennium approaches...") it the briefing states industry profits. Then I noticed as I was playing.... I can't buy any businesses/industry accessories. So.... What happened? *Did I need/do I need to get gov't permission via territory map? I couldn't see that. *Is there a time later when you can buy, achieve a certain level of money? *Did DESIGNER of map forget to have ability to let you buy???
  2. Okay---I clicked "New Scenario" and LOW AND BEHOLD---found Second Century. I, for whatever reason, thought a new scenario would be starting the game---classic game--all over again. That's the good news, and a NEW addiction to be sure, but I am still not sure about the missing MagLev mission. It is WAS not in Second Century as I never played this. So... The missing mission. Again: NB: The mission of which I spoke (Maglev in RRII (GOLD) started with the narration and then when playing messages would come up, asking for investment, saying something like, "Conditions now exist causing bel
  3. Thank you Dessert Warrior! Thanks for the quick reply. I have no idea of ANY other menu. This is what I have at home showing: http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/35398-railroad-tycoon-ii-platinum-windows-screenshot-yep-the-menu.jpg Where am I to click? Single player brings up missions I remember from GOLD (Transcontinental, Orient Express, Post USSR Russia, etc). I thought there may be another "wall" of missions, but I got the ending montage and the congrats from the narrator. I assume this is the menu you're referring to in your post: http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/12741-railro
  4. MAGLEV& menus

  5. So I got my Platimum CD out about two months ago (RRII Gold won't work on Windows 7 and I didn't want to find an emulator). After beating all the missions ending with Africa (Cario to Cape Town) I expected more. I was caught off guard! WHY? Maglev mission. I seem to REMEMBER a mission on Gold Disc with AN OPENING MOVIE or at least NARRATION. "Now it's time to take a trip into the near future..." IS that mission ON PLATIMUM DISC!? Surely it has to be! Is it a later scenario? Did it originally have film and audio? PS: Addictive as EVER! Who needs any other addiction when you have
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