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  1. figuration consists of . desktop Intel I5 - 16GB ram . Synology D212j with 2 HD 1.5 TB - Dune basic 3D with WiFI Installation of Dune has reached the point where - private network is connected - connected to amplifier to play .flac files [working for internal disk only] - connected to smart TV to show pictures and movies I have 3 problems where my knowledge is not sufficient: a) I can't connect my IPhone with the Dune app because the plugin is outdated [ I downloaded the last version and installed, but no solution] b) My desktop is visible as one disk is shared and visible, but no files are visible c) Th Synology NAS is visible but not accessible Question Could anyone give me a detailed and comprehensable instruction to solve these problem, knowing that I have no knowledge of these network setups Thanks in advance
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