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  1. My first version (0.5) Spice Obsession Mod is online now. http://amiga68k.de/2016/01/02/dune-2-spice-obsession-mod-0-5-veroeffentlicht/ Its Version 0.5 because only until mission 4 playable. Its only the german version (choose "3" at start). Greets Foxman
  2. Hello TCH, the timeout feature does not seem to be working. I tried it yesterday but nothing happened. I tested with Win / Loose Flag 8: 8 and 24: 8 When I tried to counter 1 or. 2 After my base and units was destroyed by the computer playing with the W / L flags ran on to infinity. The one with the new seeds I did not get. I choose a new seed (for example, 139) and create a scenario, I get an error at the start of the level and the game crashes. Do I need to integrate the seeds in the Amiga version? And if so how? Did you test the functions before?
  3. Thx, i will test the building limits in the evening. I would like to make new mission targets. Harvest xxx Spice and destroy the enemy is a little boring the whole game. My first and second mission has a new approach. In first mission i choose the win loose flags so you have first to harvest a amount of spice and then you have to destroy the enemy. Second mission is the coolest i think. You only have a choam and outpost and windtrap. You have to destroy the enemy base and enemys but you must occupy the enemy refinery to harvest the spice for the mission target. I want to include some more spec
  4. Here also Thx for this fantastic Editor. He makes a Dune 2 Mod for the Amiga possible. :)
  5. I have got now your new Version and its amazing. Thx to you that you have worked again at the editor. If i see correct, now the seedgenerator works also for the Amiga Version? That is really cool and makes me really happy. My work on the mod take a lot of time, but its fun and i motivated to bring them to an end. Not only new maps, also new Story and Text will be inside. One question: Is the building limit also counting the turrets, r-turrets and walls?
  6. Hi THC, No ive not received the manual. :( Special Blooms are thougt but not reallly sucesfull implentet in the game. There could be Units or an vehicle under. The Sardauker in my Mod is changed in the trading guild. Trial an Error with the wsa i could do. I look what happen than. New pictures are a problem i think, but also without it is okay. I must know my limits. Btw: your Editor is great, Thx for this cool work. The best is that its able to Save amiga scenarios and pc scenarios. Without that, it could be unimpossible to do that mod.
  7. THC thx for so much Infos. I think my mod must be Live with the original graphics. Thats too much for my understand. :( But my mod is going on ;) Is it possible to implent the special blooms in the Amiga Version? I have tested it but became an error. Btw. in my Version there are no Ordos, the are replaced and are called now Corin (the real House Corrino) the Ordos not really exists in Frank Herberts Dune. I must call them Corin because the same number of letters. Btw. here is my teaser picture for my Amiga Mod http://www.amiga68k.de/?p=4117
  8. Hi @ all. Now i have a questions about the graphics. The Amiga Version also have wsa and cps Files inside. But i have no chance to view or open it? The XCC Mixer doesnt work or im to stupid. The Eastwood tool i cant find, and tools like irfanview, photoshop or so dont work also. What can i do for the Amiga Version?
  9. But its possible in the PC Version right?
  10. Is the reinforcements stopping when the unit Limit is reached? i thought that reinforcements an starport units are free from the limit. Just the computer or human cant build new units. Question; Where can i find the seeds in the Amiga Version? i wnat to chang something but i dont find the seeds. Just a number in the scenario.ini
  11. Thx guys. Is it a bug that the reinforcement ends when the game is running a long time?
  12. Is it possible to change the TechLevel for the first Missions? So that all units are possible from beginning till the end. I have mad a mission with Ordos and Harkonnen vs. Human. The reinforcements of the Harkonnen is comming all 3 minutes to the Human Base. I have set "EnemyBase" an its functunally. But the Ordos Reinforcements will landing in the Harkonnen Base, also set with "EnemyBase". Is that problem known? What can i do? Edit: are the Prices in the Starport hardcoded or where can i find it? Thx
  13. Thx. I have found the problem, the standard commando was guard and not harvest. ;) I have changed it and now it works. I the computer build a base alone or did he just rebuild destroyed buildings? I think the harvester upload spice on and on, also when the spice silos are full. Is that normal?
  14. Hi, i am from germany and i am working on new Dune scenario for the Amiga Version 1.0 of Dune 2. My question is, what is meant with the [team] command in THC´s Editor? How can I set the task the troops should have just kept coming (reinforcements)? Guard ? Offense ? Hunting ? thx
  15. Hi @ all. I m working on a Dune 2 Mod for the Amiga Version. Im using THC´s Editor, HexEditor and normal EditPad for the scenario and regio ini´s. My first map is ready but i have a great problem. The Harvester dont move one meter. The dont harvest the spice and just stand still. Now my Idea is that there is a commando like (Hunt, Guard etc..) but i dont think it. What is the Problem and how can i fix it? Sorry for my bad english (im from germany) Greets
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