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  1. Hi, I got a bit curious considering that only 2 songs for each faction are available in skirmish, whether or not the rest could be added. I know its possible to change the songs by simply changing the data and title, but I was wondering if there's a way to actually add more songs - for example This would be an existing thing inside the music code [Atreides1] Group = Atreides HD Data = (AT01)The_War_Begins Title = The War Begins Phase = 0 There's also one for track 7, or Atreides7. You can change them by changing the data and title to the song you want once they're imported, but... If you add one entirely new with a different number, such as [Atreides2] Group = Atreides HD Data = (AT02)Sand_Excursion Title = Sand Excursion Phase = 0 Then it never plays. The default songs still play, or if you replace the existing songs with those ones then whatever is set plays, but adding new songs to have 3 or more just doesn't work. Anyone know how to add more songs so I could put the entire soundtrack for each house into skirmish? (Yes, I have a new .bag file with all the songs from the disc on it now on HD)
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