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  1. I have the legal copies of the game. The cracked version without CDs is more handy, don't you think? And, come on, this is an old game. It's no longer avaible anymore in stores. Well, I'll continue playing in 1.04 Thanks for nothing
  2. Hello, everybody! Recently, I uninstalled E:BfD in order to patch the game to 1.09. It worked. However, it needed to be cracked. I found a 1.09 crack, so I replaced the .exe and entered the game. Nice! I could play Skirmish, but the campaigns couldn't be played unless I had the CDs. I have another crack for this game, but it's 1.04. Comparing between 1.09 crack and that one, the 1.09 crack has only one file, Emperor.exe, and lacks of Game.exe and other files that the 1.04 crack has. So, at this point, I decided to replace the Game.exe file in the game directory (along with other files whose names I can't remember) with the 1.04 Game.exe. I didn't replace the Emperor.exe (it has been replaced previously with the 1.09 Emperor.exe). And what happened? THE GAME RETURNED TO 1.04!!! So sad. Any ideas to solve this?
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