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  1. I think I've inderstand, a little.. ^^ But I noticed something so I want to ask you : how to prevent shares' number growing up ? Cause I make benefits, etc.. And sometimes when I want to buy back with company's money, total of shares grown up to 400.000 and more, and by viewing the price of each thousand, I ll never be able to buy back a lot faster than their total grows.. So do you have something about it ? Thanks a lot for tips, I'll try them soon ! :D
  2. @jerry fisher : there's no adding any grade but I simply think that's like in reality, we can imagine a train can't have same speed in a virage as in a corner ;)
  3. I finally accomplished the mission friends.. I changed strategy, I made 2 trains with 4 freights. And i was winning.. It didn't work with 1x6.. Bizarre.. Now in 4th mission it seems to talk about placing money in shares etc.. Some detailed informations about it please ? Not really explained in PS' manual. :/
  4. http://postimg.org/image/ljf5b6y4v/ http://postimg.org/image/5dne2aibz/ Here is what I need to do to accomplish the mission.. We talked with outofmage, and we really don't see what can make me lose.. About good station building, he explained me that newspaper doesn't necessary mean it' correctly connected to the city.. But it's mandatory good placed, look : http://postimg.org/image/xf112c3wr/ Then you're right, I don't need to make this mission to reach the next but it's sensed to be an evolutive difficulty, so if I don't reach to do the 3rd, 4th will be harder lol :/
  5. Do you have skype ? I started a completely new game, I discover with a new angle, I realize I never understood this game correctly before.. I ll start a new game and tell you what the briefing say ;)
  6. On PC or PS it seems to be the same, both versions have same missions as we can see. Cargo can t be passengers or.mail, I must transport merchandises.. 6 cargo on same time I think is equivalent to make 3x2 travels for example. I never played on PC but I possess PC version, but I m nostalgic from this psone version ^^ I think I ll be locked on this, I won't be able to finish the game because of it... Grr.. Maybe I should pass to 4th mission, but I would like absolutely to accomplish this third mission.. :/
  7. I just can't do it because I'm playing on PSOne version.. :s I forgot to tell you from the beginning, sorry
  8. I played this game when I was really younger, 10 years ago or something like this.. ^^ I know what you explain, I assure I made all correctly, I'll explain how I proceed : - construct a line between N-O and Beaumont - build 2 big stations on each one (taking care about placing them, they have to include industries around) - Buy 2 trains : 1 N.O/Beaumont 2nd Beaumont/N.O Both with travellers/postage and accessory a restaurant cargo. Signals settled on orange. -> Earn money and extend to a ressource needed at N-O (cotton most often) to create availabilities at N-O to export). I think this is a good basis for this mission. Then you extend and connect other offers to demand and construct the railroad required to connect Los Angeles with money you've won. I still take care about making the plattest way possible, it's better way than passing accross the mountain directly. I put in place the same system for this last. And finally I buy a train especially to link N.O to L.A (lights on red) bringing merchandises manufactured on place. So my trains aren't empty and this first train should be sufficient to win the mission.. It takes few years to arrive but it arrives, and before the end of the year 1882... The train has a very slow speed so impossible to have an empty cargo.. In my mind all elements are present here to reach the goal, but still lost.. Begin to make me nervious lol !
  9. Hello, and thank you ! Yes it displays a newspaper when I connect both cities.. And yes mission failed at end of 1882.. I don t know why, it's frustrating ! Lol
  10. Hello all, First I will introduce myself, my name is Florian and I live in France, in Toulouse, and I'm 23. So i wrote this message because I need help for third mission. I choose to go across USA, establishing a link between New-Orleans to Los Angeles (easier I think) and I have to transport 6 loads before 1882. That's what I do, but mission still failed ! I reach to transport from N-O to L.A, may I need to reach transporting from L.A to N-O to accomplish the mission ?? Thank you for your futures answers ! PS : I precise I play in hard mode (the most hard in mission mode)
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