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  1. Thanks for the advice. Have just finished walls with a PNW of $ 28 mil. Tried to buy company in Germany but was short of 4000 shares so ignored company and headed straight for Denmark, Venice and bought company with track to Istanbul. Joined track to new company and voila. One of my pet hates is sorting out all the crappy routes the AI companies have. If a merger is part of my winning strategy I delay until the last minute so as to avoid having to do so.
  2. Hi Thanks Yes I have tried the 2nd century. Thank-you for the pointers. My machiner crashed several years ago and so there are some 2nd Century scenarios I have not played. Is it essential to micro manage the more difficult scenarios? This to me would be very tedious.
  3. Hi all I am revisiting RRT 2 and enjoying it immensely. The only two scenarios I had trouble with previously was "When walls come down" and "Peoples' train" any pointers. Walkthroughs are now scarce! Chris
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