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    Dune Dynasty

    List of detected bugs since v 1.5.5 (remain in v1.5.6): - Units Sight stat is applied only when: a) unit stops; b) unit is given a new waypoint. Makes scouting a too manual and tedious process. - Harvesters are being reset every time they exit the Refinery (as if they were recently built or brought with new refinery), results in harvesters staying idle if no spice field is found in close proximity (very annoying since player needs to constantly check the unloaded harvesters and manually send them). This occurs in about 80% of cases, not sure exactly what causes it since sometimes in rare cases carryalls do return harvester back to the field it came from. - Related to the last issue: Manually sent harvesters don't use carryalls (if any available) when the destination spice field is far away. Possible cause: at the exact moment a harvester is unloaded there are no carryalls available (though I saw it occur even with carryalls 100% available). Possible solution: Create a carryall queue for harvesters and damaged units and make carryalls check the queue (with default priority set to harvesters). And again, thanks for the great job done!
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