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  1. Sure , they will stuck, but it's not a bug because worms cant move on rock surface. Carryall goes to pick up worms from starport, but that's happens not always... why? I don't know. Need to analyze of code, but that's not priority for now.
  2. A 'romhack' of a Sega Mega drive version. current version: DuneHack (-Re) Build _r53 It's a not complete hack, no new missions included. But it's a some 'base' for creating new campaings. Main difference: + Units and Buildings limits increased up to 127. (102 ground) + Extra build with map size increased to 128x128. + Reinforcements - currently up to 55 + no more included in global limits. + Support sardaukar house. + Support fremen house: fremen and atreides allies; fremen special weapon - creates 5 worms on map. + Many changes in code. (changelog not created and I don't
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