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  1. Thanks a lot, Jacob! Sorry I haven't replied before, I have not been on the Net for a while! I feel so guilty ... :-X
  2. Hi there. I am busy playing the Ordos stage in Emperor where I had to defend the Executrix against the Tleilaxu. I have killed all the Tleilaxu, destroyed their buildings, activated the perimeter defenses (secondary objective), and now lie in wait for the Walkers to come in on their way to the Great Hall. However, a couple of Walkers explode on the map's edge, then one would make it through. I post Dust Scouts nearby, and then I send one to engage the Walker which then explodes. Then a couple Walkers explode off the edge of the map, then one makes it through and the cycle starts again. What am I doing wrong? Did I miss any objective somewhere along the line? If someone else also experienced this problem, please help! I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot. PS: I include the saved game of this happening - maybe someone can have a look at it and see if the problem also occur with them?
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