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  1. ::) A little F.Y.I. I've tried that key already though I got tiered of pausing the game and using the alt+tab keys. So this link will solve our problems. ;D http://download.com.com/3120-20-0.html?qt=screen+shot+utility&tg=dl-2001&search=+Go%21+
  2. hi, This may sound silly to some of you, but how can I take a screen shot ??? This is for Emperor Battle for Dune Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry about babbling, on my hard drive which is labeled C: and the file folder(s) which is labeled C:WestwoodEmperorDATA in this folder thare is a couple of other file folders which they are Dialog, html, movies ect., I know I should backup savegame file folders with the files in that folder. But I'm not sure which other file folder(s) to backup? I hope this helps?
  4. Hi all, My computer yesterday went belly up on me, which I'd figered I'd get back where I was on Emperor Battle for Dune, I was at the point of killing the Emperor worm. But my point being what file(s) should I save? any help would be thankful Thanks
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