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  1. Hello, I've seen may topics about how to change the speed in lan games. But I haven't found a definitive solution. I have a laptop and a desktop connected via lan. I have the original game. Both my desktop and laptop are fast, they work with the most new games. I've heard that Emperor Battle for Dune will make the game speed as fast as possible, by adjusting the speed to the slowest pc. Since both my pc's are fast, the game speed should be around the highest speed rate possible. I've tried playing against the computer with a friend, but that is just impossible. The game goes way too fast, as soon as the enemy ai comes attacking with one tank, you can't even click on it to attack it, because it will be faster than your mouse... After many years, is there a definitive solution to adjust the speed of a lan game into a speed at which you can play the game normally? Kind regards, Brian
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