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  1. Thanks, man. Got it. The wierd stuff is I tried to call import change from the game before posting, then the software crushed. Even reinstallation didn't help. But this time, it just worked!!
  2. Oe if anyone could attach a vanilla .tib file that would be great, thanks!!
  3. Hey, i am an editor noob. I tried to use tibed to build my own dune 2000. But the default is blanket, shouldn't be the original game value? Need help.
  4. I played Ordos mission 7 8 9 several times, I found sometimes your ally would send a waning: they are losing too many man, if there is a second warning, they will retreat their support, which means nothing will come to their supporters. And sometimes even they will betray you. Anyone has met that situation? Or any solution to that?
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