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  1. I would say Sid Meiers games are timeless. From time to time I find it nice to play a round of Civilization, Colonization or Master of Orion or RRT again. I´m using D-fend Reloaded (a DOSBOX frontend) to run RRT and RRT deluxe on my PC. In that way I´m able to regulate the speed available to the game. http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/ Mmmh, how would I do that when I don´t start the game with a .bat but from the dosboxfrontend?
  2. When starting the original RRT it always asks what settings to use (e.g. VGA, Roland music, mouse) and I press 1, 5, 1. Is there a way to automate that RRT always starts with those settings?
  3. You mean here? http://forum.dune2k.com/forum/49-railroad-tycoon-2-maps/ I browsed that subforum but did not find any patch there. Edit: Further searching I found this post http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/22337-fast-scroll-issues-with-xp/?p=362515 in which patch 1.56 is linked, so my problem is solved.
  4. I tried to download the last patch for RRT2 from that article http://www.philsteinmeyer.com/55/the-missing-railroad-tycoon-2-map/ but the link to the patch 1.56 is broken as Fileshack has closed. Is that patch still available from a safe location to download from?
  5. So if the scenario is marked as part of the campaign then only the middle starting date (the default starting date) is used, and if the scenario is played outside the campaign the earliest and latest date give the range of years that can be selected as the start year?
  6. Thankyou. I had thought I had to assign the railroadstations on the map to a different company and never thought of simply changing the names of the companies.
  7. You were suggesting to move the enddate to an earlier date too and I answered why I don´t intend to do that in my game.
  8. A question about another scenario: The one where you try as Bismarck to unite Germany. How could I use the Editor to correct the error that the saxon railroad is in Bavaria and the bavarian railroad is in Saxony?
  9. Mmmh, I don´t think so. Moving the startdate from 1835 to 1828 means the game becomes harder because you start with far slower engines available. In my game I changed not only the startdate but the economy too - the suggested values are listed in the window there and I did put the value suggested for 1830 in the field so that is an disadvantage too.
  10. How could the Prussian carry you through to the American C when the American as an american engine is not available in England - at least it has no check in the box in the editor for the England 1835 map so I assumed it would not be allowed there. No, my intention would not be to make an even later engine available early like the Prussian, but to move the starting year to an earlier date. e.g. 1828 like the England scenario in RR1 That would mean the bonus of having the John Bull early makes sense again and the Trevithick would be the only engine available at the start - which is the only way I can think that engine would see any use. I just tried to make that change but it did not work: I started the game, selected the editor, opened the map with the #07BIR name and tried to set the "earliest starting date" from 1835 to 1828. Saved the map, exited Editor, loaded my current campaign - but when looking at the 2nd board at the selection it still read "1835" and when I started the scenario in the campaign it still started in 1835...? Is it only possible to change the scenario to play that single scenario outside of a campaign? Or would I need to start a completely new campaign to get the map with the earlier date? Or do I need to change something else? In the dates windows of the editor it lists an "earliest starting date" (which I canged to 1828), below a date without description which is 1835 and a "latest starting date" which is 1835 too. Is the starting date random if there is a difference between earlierst and latest date? Or is simply the entry in the middle used? Edit: Starting a new campaing changes nothing. However when editing the date in the middle to 1828 the map in the campaign start 1828. However on the selection board where you click on the scenario you want to play in the campaign the text still reads 1835?
  11. I´m using the german version of the game, patch 1.56 is installed. In the "Geburt der Dampflok" scenario (the 1835 one in England) of the classic campaign I wonder about the starting choices: One of the choices is the bonus to get the John Bull earlier and +10% speed. As the John Bull enters the game normally at the year 1831 that bonus does not make sense in a game that starts 1835 where it´s available from the start. Was perhaps the scenarios start date originally earlier like the England scenario in RR1? Then it would make sense too, that the Trevithick is available in England which has worse stats than any later engine and would not be normally used in years later than 1831. Is it possible to edit the starting conditions of that scenario in the Grand Campaign?
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