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  1. Recently i dug out one of my favourite games, dune. I had no problem to run it in dosbox, but the sound didn't work. I wasted 3 hours with setup configuration, internet research, etc... Then, by accident, i found in a downloaded dune version another .bat file, which included different parameters than the original dune.bat. And suddenly the sound worked. I thought I should post it here, maybe smbdy is struggeling with that too. Edit dune.bat like following: @echo off logo duneprg GER VGA SDB2207 EMS 386 logo: displaying the cryo logo at the beginning, you can delete this line if you want to. duneprg: this is real dune game program GER: parameter for german language (ENG for english) VGA: parameter for VGA Graphics SDB2207: i don't know exactly what this means, but you have to write this parameter to hear the sound! (soundblaster) EMS: Using expanded memory 386: Using a 386 or better (i'm not sure about that) You'll maybe have to load the soundblaster driver in dosbox. (You'd better read the dosbox instructions, following settings work at my computer, but maybe not on yours): SET BLASTER = A220 I7 D1 I have to admit that I don't understand everything I wrote down here, but finally dune worked fine in my language with sound! Have fun!
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