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  1. i found the solution :) i found a torrent and after u download u just double click .exe file then extract movies rar into the setup file then u open voila :) u dont have to do anything :) i come to 7th mission now aand i stuck up at here :S i got destroyed before i make army to defend they come with deviator or whatever name it is ( u know the very strong tank that can destroy itself)
  2. i tried vmware player and virtual pc (virtual pc does not work for home editions) and vm ware i tried many times but i couldnt make it work and about dosbox i tried but didnt understand how to make it work :)
  3. well when i was buying this laptop i didnt ever think that i would reintrested in dune again :)
  4. can u guys give me more advice ? u know i really suck at all strategy games so how can i start to develop myself? i am not much like a chess player nor strategist one so i suck at planning so is there any game that can make me start from 0 ? btw i have 1 more problem:I use win 7 home edition 64 bit so i couldnt make setup of dune work...i tried compatiblity thing,vm ware player or virtual pc none of them worked
  5. Its just i remember that i was doing so poorly that at singleplayer when AI was starting to attack me i dont have enough army nor cash or if i focus on units much i dont have enough money to back up the battle and repairing buildings so i was failing at army balance and macro strategy together :(
  6. Hello guys i played dune 2k at past when i was 8-9 year old (when the game released ) but i like dune and want to play again but i know i suck at playing strategy games. I know this is toooo general and superficial question and maybe even there may be no answer but how can i progress myself (think of me as knowing nothing about strategy games) is there anything i can start with ? (well i didnt completed any games at my life so you guys can say i suck). Because i know that dune 2k is hard game for me even at the easiest level playing. I remember i mostly could come to 5th or 6th mission i am no
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