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  1. okeee

    dune II error?

    yes there is a file called dune.cfg, but the game does not start up properly. I tried running in DOS, then nothing happens as well, no error message, but a black screen appears for a while, then return to DOS. I'll try dosbox.
  2. okeee

    dune II error?

    I tried it, run setup.exe but still file options.cfg isn't in the folder.
  3. okeee

    dune II error?

    I checked the folder but options.cfg wasnt there. I already run setup.exe though, but it still didn't work.
  4. okeee

    dune II error?

    I used to play dune II battle of arrakis on win xp, without problems. But recently for some reason it doesnt start up anymore. No error message, it just doesnt start. I tried another version of the game, dune II building of a dynasty, but same thing happens. Why? I didn't update windows or anything.
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